One of TikTok’s most useful editing features is probably already known if you frequently use the program. The TikTok Home page allows you to switch between viewing videos chosen by the platform’s algorithm, which tries to anticipate which videos you’ll like based on your viewing preferences, and videos from users you follow. Just tap Following or For You to switch between the two viewing choices. In the stormy year 2022, not just social media operations but the entire digital world will be transformed from the ground up. Due to frequent algorithm upgrades and the addition of new, intriguing content elements to the list regularly, TikTok is one of the top platforms for content creators. Moreover, you are free to buy TikTok Views to make your profile go viral organically.

Latest Features On The App

1. Watching Videos Of Following Versus For You

If you’re a frequent TikTok user, you might have been familiar with one of the app’s most potent modification options. You may switch between seeing films from TikTokers you follow at the peak of the TikTok app’s home screen and videos selected by the platform’s interface, which attempts to assume which videos you’ll like depending upon your preferences. The two viewing features can be changed by tapping the Following or the For You option.

2. Livestream Features

Picture-in-Picture: Users can move around their device freely, and the Livestream is kept anchored to a bottom-right area of the screen.
Move In With A Buddy: Two users can broadcast live on the same stream thanks to a new feature dubbed “LIVE Together.”
A Live Q&A: For live streams, a new Q&A tool makes it simple for producers to interact with and answer viewers’ queries in real time.

3. Updated Camera Effects

For content creators, one of the newest TikTok features in the app. When you open your camera, click the “Effects” tab to get new camera effects. You can add some unique images to your videos to add more interest by using a variety of faces or backdrop effects. The most recent effects, for instance, comprise a Lakers baseball cap, rainbow caps, amusing sunglasses, a Nepal flag painted on the face, zooming eyes and lips, amusing makeup, and so forth. Use these effects to make engaging films for your audience, infuse them with good vibes, and allow people to engage with your material directly.

4. History View Display

TikTok is introducing Post View History, a new feature that will provide users with deeper profile information. For example, the users will be able to see who visited their profile, thanks to this functionality. This is comparable to the LinkedIn function, where users receive a notification whenever their profile is viewed.
Only the individuals you follow and who follow you will give you such knowledge. This method cannot be used to trace the other accounts. It’s important to note that since January of this year, the View History option has been under test. Regardless of your location, it has been fully integrated into all profiles.

Features Relating To Teens

TikTok offers new features to limit screen time and video downloads for teenagers. For creators between the ages of 13 and 15, the short video app, by default, disables downloads. Before releasing their videos, 16 to 17-year-old video creators will get a pop-up asking them to select their audience: followers, friends only, or just themselves. Additionally, young adult content producers will have the option to make their videos downloadable.

Further Features That You Must Know

TikTok has a lot of ways in which you can drive more viewers to your profile. You can buy tiktok fans to make the work alot simpler online.

Manage Your Screen Time
The platform allows users to set a daily screen time limit of 40, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. Users who reach their screen time limit need to input a password to continue using TikTok because the feature is password-protected.
Restricted Mode
This unique mode was created to safeguard children using the platform. This account setting will restrict the display of content that might not be suitable for minors. A 30-day password is required to use this feature, likewise powered by machine learning algorithms. Users must enter a password to watch unfiltered content.


In the near future, TikTok will keep expanding and is here to stay. There is a lot of rivalry on the platform for content creators; therefore, one needs to know the updated features before entering the field. Like TikViral, this comprehensive guide will help you understand the latest features to create trending content that gives you fame. So visit and take advantage of it.